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BALSAMORHIZA (bal-sam-o-RIZ-a)
COMPOSITAE. Spring and summer blooming hardy perennials. Large basal leaves and showy sunflower-like blooms. Sandy soil. Some germinate in as little as 2 - 6 days, others need prolonged cold treatment. Plant out to permanent position early. They are fine plants and worth growing.
—Balsamorhiza sagittata. (100) BALS-22. Packet: $2.50
'OREGON SUNFLOWER', 'ARROW-LEAF BALSAM-ROOT'. Showy yellow 2" blooms. Perennial to 2 feet, with 9" leaves. NW U.S. Zone 4. The roots were eaten by the Nez Pierce and other Indians after peeling and cooking on hot stones. The result was called 'pash' or 'kayoum'. They are said to have a sweet flavor. The seeds were made into meal. Use GA-3 or prechill to germinate in 2 - 12 weeks.

BAPTISIA (bap-TEE-zee-a)
LEGUMINOSAE. 'WILD INDIGO'. Sturdy, hardy perennials with attractive deep green foliage and lupine-like flowers in racemes. In late fall the pods turn dark and are quite ornamental. Excellent in the border and makes nice cut flowers. Easy in any ordinary soil and a sunny position. Sow in fall or early spring outdoors, or nick seed and sow in pots to germinate in 2 - 3 weeks. Some were used as dye plants, medicinal antiseptics and for edible shoots.
—Baptisia australis. (50) BAPT-2. Packet: $2.00
1/4 Ounce: $6.00, Ounce: $15.00
Click for photo » BaptisiaAustralis.jpg (66485 bytes)
'BLUE WILD INDIGO', 'RATTLEBUSH'. Inch-long, deep indigo-blue flowers in long terminal racemes in June and July. Stout hardy perennial to 4 - 6 feet, with attractive blue-green, clover-like 2 1/2" leaves. Racemes up to 10" long. E. U.S. Zone 3. "Handsome. Probably the best species for cultivation."—L.H. Bailey.
—Baptisia leucantha. (25) BAPT-28. Packet: $2.50
'WHITE FALSE INDIGO'. White inch-long flowers with standard marked purple, in foot-long spikes in June and July. Hardy perennial to 3 - 5 feet with attractive blue green trifoliate 2" leaves. Ontario and Wisconsin to the Gulf states. Zone 4. Long-lived and showy. Medicinal. "Very striking... good dye plant, ornamental seedpods."—S. Adams. Nick seed, germinates in 2 - 4 weeks.
—Baptisia pendula. (10) (=alba) BAPT-42. Packet: $5.00
Pure white 1/2" flowers in spikes in summer, followed by nodding pods. Hardy perennial to 2 - 4 feet, with blue-green 2" leaves. New growth black-red. SE U.S. Zone 3. Choice! Nick seed to germinate in 2 - 4 weeks.

BAUHINIA (bo-HIN-ee-a)
LEGUMINOSAE. Showy tropical and sub-tropical trees, shrubs and vines, grown in the greenhouse or outdoors in California and the South for their flamboyant flowers. Some are hardy to 15°F. They make good tub plants, and can flower in 3 - 4 years. 
—Bauhinia monandra. (20) BAUH-10. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $10.00

'ORCHID TREE'. Showy pink 4" wide poinciana-like flowers with darker streaks, in spring. Small tree to 20 feet, with smooth grey bark and 2-lobed leaves. Burma. Zone 10. Nick seed to germinate in 3 - 6 weeks.

AGAVACEAE. Evergreen Yucca-like plants with thick trunks and heads of narrow leaves. Sometimes included in Nolina. Easily grown in warm dry regions—cold wet winters cause rot.
—Beaucarnea recurvata. (25) BEAU-20. Packet: $2.50
'ELEPHANT FOOT', 'PONYTAIL PALM'. Striking plant with a funnel-shaped trunk with a bulbous base up to 6 feet across, tapering to a thin trunk topped with a head of drooping, narrow, grass-like leaves, each up to 6 feet long. To 25 feet. Panicles of tiny white flowers. SE México. Zone 9. Stands more moisture than stricta. Germinates in 4 - 8 weeks.

BEAUFORTIA (bow-FOR-tee-a)
MYRTACEAE. Showy W. Australian shrubs.
—Beaufortia orbifolia. (100) BEAF-18. Packet: $2.50
'RAVENSTHORPE BOTTLEBRUSH'. Striking red and white bottlebrush flowers. Attractive shrub to 9 feet, with tiny round scale-like leaves. W. Australia. Zone 9. Adaptable in cultivation, good foliage plant. Germinates in 6 - 10 weeks.
—Beaufortia sparsa. (100) BEAF-22. Packet: $2.50
'GRAVEL BOTTLEBRUSH'. Showy orange-red bottlebrush flowers. Shrub to 9 feet, with tiny leaves, making the foliage good in arrangements. W. Australia. Zone 9. Germinates in 2 - 3 weeks.

BEGONIA (be-GO-ne-a)
BEGONIACEAE. A large genus of tropical herbs and soft shrubs. Popular plants for pot culture, valued for their blooms and foliage in the greenhouse or window. Easily raised from seed using the Plastic Bag Method. Dust the seed on the surface and keep warm (65 - 75°) to germinate in about 2 - 3 weeks. A good soil mix is 2 parts loam, 2 of peat, 1 1/2 of leaf mold, and 1 of sand. The three main types are fibrous rooted, tuberous rooted, and rhizomatous. Most like to dry out between waterings, and frequent fertilizing during growth and blooming.
NEW—Begonia baumanii BK10509.8. (200) BEG-18. Packet: $4.00

'KILLU KILLU', 'GRANISO T'IKA'. Large rose flowers on stalks above round crinkled 6" wide leaves. Tender perennial to 2 feet, from caudex-like tubers. Bolivia. Zone 8 or 9. Tubers used as rennet for making cheese. Introduced into cultivation by plant-explorer Ben Kamm. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks. For more seeds and plants grown by plant-explorer Ben Kamm, including many Andean rarities, see his website at www.sacredsucculents.com
—Begonia boliviensis. (400) BEG-22. Packet: $3.00
Tubular orange-red 2" flowers in drooping panicles in summer, above 3 - 5" pointed leaves. Forms a large round caudex to a foot wide. Bolivia. Good in hanging baskets and attracts hummingbirds. Germinates in 2 weeks and up. For more seeds and plants grown by plant-explorer Ben Kamm, including many Andean rarities, see his website at www.sacredsucculents.com

NEW—Begonia heracleifolia. (250) BEG-80. Packet: $3.75
'STAR-LEAF BEGONIA'. Rosy-pink 1" fragrant flowers in large clusters on 2 foot stalks, in spring to fall. Foot-wide deeply palmately cut leaves are dark green-black, with lime-green veins and burgundy backs. Clumping rhizomatous perennial from cloud forests of Veracruz, México. Zone 8 or 9 if mulched. Surface sow to germinate in 1 - 4 weeks, generally low germination.

BELAMCANDA (bell-am-KAN-da)
IRIDACEAE. Two E. Asian hardy perennials. Easily grown, preferring full sun and good drainage.
—Belamcanda chinensis. (25) BELA-6. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $7.50, 1/4 Pound: $20.00 BULK OUT OF STOCK - Packets are available
Click for photo » Belamcanda chinensis seed.jpg (38531 bytes) Belamcandra chinensis.jpg (59868 bytes) Belamcanda chinensis seeds.jpg (86892 bytes)
'BLACKBERRY LILY', 'SHE GAN'. Deep orange 2" flowers with red spots, blooming in early summer, followed by ornamental clusters of black seeds. Hardy perennial to 1 - 4 feet, with iris-like leaves. China, Japan. Zone 5. The rhizome is an important Chinese medicine, and has been shown to be antifungal and antiviral. Young leaves have been eaten. Germinates in 2 - 12 weeks at warm temperatures.

"Better no rule than cruel rule."

COMPOSITAE. 'ENGLISH DAISY'. Attractive annuals, biennials and perennials growing in tufts. Favorites for edging, rock gardens, and colonizing in lawns. May be sown in early spring for bloom the first year in harsh climates, or up to late summer for bloom the following year. Germinates in 10 - 15 days. Space 6" apart. Best in cool climates and moist soil. Good carpeting in shady areas, and for winter flowering pot plants in the cool greenhouse. Good cut flowers. Seed viable 6 - 7 years.
—Bellis perennis White. (1000) BELL-3. Packet: $2.50
5 grams: $20.00
'ENGLISH DAISY'. Single white 1 - 2" daisies in spring and early summer. Hardy perennial to 6", with rosettes of 1 - 2" leaves. Europe. Zone 3. Excellent for sowing in lawns, good with moisture and stands shade. This is the original daisy used in the classic love-divination "He loves me, he loves me not..." Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

BERGENIA (ber-JEN-ee-a)
SAXIFRAGACEAE. Vigorous creeping Asian perennials, with handsome foliage and attractive flowers in early spring. Best in humusy soil and part shade. Makes nice blooming plants in 2 - 3 years. Sometimes called 'pigsqueak'.
—Bergenia cordifolia 'Winterglow'. (100) BERG-6W. Packet: $3.50
'HEART -LEAF BERGENIA'. Striking red-colored fall and winter foliage. Bright red flowers in nodding clusters, March to May. Hardy perennial to 16", with large, rounded, heart-shaped evergreen leaves. Siberia and Mongolia. Zone 3. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

COMPOSITAE. Interesting showy African daisies.
—Berkheya purpurea. (25) BERK-24. Packet: $3.00
'ZULU WARRIOR'. Large silvery-blue to lavender 3" wide daisies with dark centers, in late summer. Tender thistle-like perennial to 15 - 28". S. Africa. Zone 6. Good cut flowers. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

BIXACEAE. A single species. Good in the far South or in the greenhouse. 
—Bixa Orellana. (50) BIXA-1. Packet: $2.00
Ounce: $6.00, 1/4 Pound: $12.00
'ANNATO', 'ACHIOTE', 'URUCU', 'LIPSTICK TREE'. Large, five-petaled rose, pink or white flowers with yellow stamens, followed by striking, maroon to vivid scarlet 2" spiny pods. Amazon Basin. Zone 10. For millennia Amazonian Indians have used the red dye obtained from the seedcoat as face and body paint. Cultivated throughout the tropics for food coloring and dye for cheese, soap, cloth, paint, lipstick, margarine, etc. A few seeds can be added to rice, soups, or to flavor chocolate and meats. Seeds eaten cooked in butter. Bark provides fiber. Good hedge and honey plant. Used medicinally. Soak, nick hard ones, to germinate in 2 - 15 weeks or more warm.

BORAGO (bo-RA-go)
BORAGINACEAE. Robust annuals and perennials with showy blue or white saucer-shaped 5-petaled flowers and downy foliage. Grown in the flower and herb garden, and they are good bee plants. Drought resistant and free-flowering. Sow seed in spring or fall where they are to flower. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks. Space 9 - 15" apart. Seed viable 8 - 10 years.
NEW—Borago officinalis. (100) BORA-3. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $5.00, 1/4 pound $12.00
'BORAGE'. Easily grown showy annual with blue or purplish star-shaped 1 1/2" wide flowers in nodding clusters in summer, on branched 2 foot stems. Silvery, downy leaves. Mediterranean. The young fresh leaves have a refreshing cucumber-like flavor and are used in salads, summer drinks and cooked greens. The flowers are a colorful addition to salads, can be floated on cool drinks, and are candied. Pliny called it ephrosynon, believing it made men merry and joyful who drank wine flavored with it.

BOSSIAEA (boss-ee-AY-a)
LEGUMINOSAE. Easily grown attractive small Australian shrubs with flattened stems. Best in sunny, well-drained places. Almost unknown in the US, try them in California and the South, or they might be nice greenhouse shrubs. Nick and soak seed.
—Bossiaea dentata. (10) BOSS-10. Packet: $2.50
'ELEGANT BOSSIAEA'. Large orange-red pea-like flowers on an upright shrub to 9 feet tall and 3 feet wide. Western Australia. Likes sandy soil, light shade. Zone 9. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 12 weeks.
—Bossiaea heterophylla. (10) BOSS-18. Packet: $2.50
Orange-yellow flowers marked with red. Shrub to 2 - 3 feet. E. Australia. Zone 9. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 2 weeks.
—Bossiaea pulchella. (25) BOSS-34. Packet: $2.50
Bright orange-yellow flowers with red-brown -centers. Attractive shrub to 2 - 5 feet. W. Australia. Zone 9. Drought resistant. Nick seed to germinate in 4 - 8 weeks.
—Bossiaea walkeri. (10) BOSS-48. Packet: $2.50
'CACTUS PEA'. Red flowers on a leafless shrub to 3 - 6 feet, with flattened grey-green stems. S. Australia. Zone 8. Nick seed to germinate in 1 - 2 weeks.

COMPOSITAE. Mostly showy Australian half-hardy annuals and perennials. Easily grown, giving a good display in deep rich soil and full sun. Good in masses in the border, or singly in pots in the greenhouse or windowsill. Germinates in about 1 - 4 weeks. Sow in March, or in September for winter bloom.
—Brachycome iberidifolia Mixed. (1000) BRAK-10. Packet: $2.50
10 grams: $7.50
'SWAN RIVER DAISY'. Blue, pink, violet and white inch-wide daisies borne in profusion on a compact annual to 10 - 12". Ferny, divided foliage. Australia. Zone 8. A beautiful little plant, forming a carpet of color. The flowers are sweetly scented. Blooms about 13 weeks from seed. Germinates in a week at warm temperatures, up to 4 weeks at 40°F.

CRUCIFERAE. 'MUSTARD', 'COLE'. Tall yellow-flowered plants, including many valuable edibles like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, kale, kohlrabi, mustard, rape, rutabaga, turnip, etc. Easily grown, mostly cool season crops. The seed is viable 4 to 15 years or more.
NEW—Brassica nigra. (100) BRAS-19. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $7.50, 1/4 Pound: $20.00
'BLACK MUSTARD'. Tall hardy annual to 3 - 10 feet or more, with abundant 1/4" yellow flowers on large, wide spreading branches, followed by narrow 3/4" pods filled with the 'Mustard Seed' of commerce. Eurasia. The ground seeds are the main source of table mustard, mixed with water and vinegar. Cultivated since ancient times as a medicine and condiment, it was popular with the Greeks and Romans. The young leaves are used as a pungent addition to salads and greens. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

GRAMINEAE. 'RATTLESNAKE GRASS'. Attractive ornamental grasses grown for their panicles of nodding spikelets resembling rattlesnake rattles, which gracefully hang from thread-like stems. Easily grown in ordinary soil with good drainage in full sun. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks, and is viable for 3 years or more. Sow in early spring.
—Briza maxima. (100) BRIZ-1. Packet: $2.50
Ounce: $7.50 BULK OUT OF STOCK - Packets are available
'LARGE RATTLESNAKE GRASS'. Large, graceful nodding 1/2" long spikes, sometimes bronzy, in 5" clusters. Hardy annual ornamental grass to 2 feet. Mediterranean. An excellent ornamental and prized in dried arrangements. Good for naturalizing. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks.

BRODIAEA (bro-dee-AY-a)
LILIACEAE. Beautiful Pacific coast bulbs, best in well-drained soil and full sun. Rest dry in summer.
NEW—Brodiaea californica. (25) BROD-4. Packet: $2.50
'CALIFORNIA BRODIAEA'. Violet-purple 1 - 1 1/2" long flowers in 2 - 12-flowered umbels held 4 - 12" high on slender stems. Narrow-leaved bulbous plant of California, blooming May to July. Zone 5. "The finest species for garden purposes."—Baker. Germinates in 1 - 2 months at cold temperatures.

BRUGMANSIA (brug-MAN-zee-a)
SOLANACEAE. 'ANGEL'S TRUMPET TREE'. Small South American trees with spectacular pendulous trumpet shaped blooms, most fragrant in the evening. Excellent ornamentals for the greenhouse California and the South, never failing to provoke comment when in bloom. May stand some frost, and will often renew themselves from the roots if cut to the ground. Good in tubs, which can be over-wintered in a cellar. Will often bloom in small 10" pots. Formerly included in Datura, which see for the herbaceous Angel's Trumpets, and for their medicinal and poisonous properties. Some are grown for commercial production of medicinal tropanes.
—Brugmansia sanguinea. (7) BRUG-16. Packet: $4.00
50 seed: $19.00, 10 grams (about 250 seed): $75.00
Click for photo » BrugmansiaSanguinea.jpg (71440 bytes) BrugmansiaSanguinea2.jpg (47070 bytes) BrugmansiaSanguinea3.jpg (89377 bytes)
'EAGLE TREE'. Large, pendulous 8 - 12" trumpet-shaped flowers are deep red with yellow veins, shading upward to yellow. Spindle-shaped 3 1/2" fruits Small tree to 12 feet, with downy, dark green leaves. Andes. Fairly hardy, standing quite a bit of frost, sprouting from the base. A spectacular, long lived ornamental, thriving in cool coastal climates. Soak seed 1 - 2 days to germinate in 2 - 8 weeks warm.

BRUNONIA (bru-NO-nee-a)
BRUNONIACEAE. The only species in the family.
—Brunonia australis. (50) BRUNO-4. Packet: $2.50
'BLUE PINCUSHIONS'. Bright blue flowers in tight balls, held above a mound of narrow leaves. Short-lived perennial to 20". Australia. Zone 8. Well-drained soil. Germinates in 1 - 4 weeks.

LOGANIACEAE. 'BUTTERFLY BUSH', 'SUMMER LILAC'. Showy deciduous or evergreen shrubs of great value for the garden. Their handsome flowers are profusely produced in round heads or spike-like panicles, and are attractive to butterflies, who congregate to feed on the nectar. Handsome large leaves. Best in full sun and well-drained soil. Many will survive in the North if the base is protected. Seed needs light to germinate, sow on the surface.
—Buddleja Davidii White. (500) BUDD-6W. Packet: $2.50

'WHITE BUTTERFLY BUSH'. Fragrant white flowers in 4 - 10" spikes in late summer. Shrub to 5 feet. China. Zone 4 or 5. Attracts many butterflies. Germinates in 1 - 2 weeks, best in light.
—Buddleja tucumanensis BK10512.2. (500) BUDD-90. Packet: $2.50
'YURAK-WASA'. Sweetly fragrant yellow and orange flowers in rounded clusters. Shrub to 5 - 8 feet, with downy, silvery-grey 4 - 8" leaves that have a citrus scent. Cochabamba Bolivia at 9000 feet. Zone 8 - 9. Many medicinal uses. Introduced by Ben Kamm. Surface sow, germinates in 1 - 8 weeks. For more seeds and plants grown by plant-explorer Ben Kamm, including many Andean rarities, see his website at www.sacredsucculents.com

BUNIAS (BOO-nee-as)
CRUCIFERAE. White or yellow flowered annual and perennial herbs, occasionally grown for their edible leaves. Easily grown in most soils. Sow any time, spring to fall. Seed viable 3 - 6 years.
—Bunias orientalis. (50) BUNS-18. Packet: $2.50
'TURKISH ROCKET'. Yellow, mustard-like flowers held above a basal rosette of leaves. Hardy perennial to 2 - 4 feet. Europe to Siberia. Zone 5. Grown for the young and tender leaves and sterns, eaten either in salads or boiled. Called 'dikaia retka' on the Volga, where the stems are eaten raw. Also valued for forage. Sprouts very early in spring, when other greens are scarce, and stands cold and drought well. "Highly spoken of as a kitchen-garden plant."—Vilmorin. Germinates in 2 - 4 weeks.

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